The kodari collection is handtufted from 100% acrylic to produce a range of high quality rugs which are also easy to maintain. each rugs features range of patterns to ensure that this collection has a rug to match anybodys tastes.
due to the natural of the material, regular vacuuming will keep the rug in good condition for years, if you spill anything on the rug, just simply wipe it off and no obvious marks shall be left, this is a huge advantage compared to wool rugs.

This collection of rugs feel thick and luxurious due to the high density of tufted piles, it is an absolute pleasure to walk barefoot on. the rug feels like 80oz weight carpet,with 10mm underlay.due to the weight, the rug will not move as much as some lighter weight rugs.

Colour: black / cream
Material: acrylic with a cotton backing

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