Cowhide Pillow Covers


Cowhides are as original and unique as every cow is. The flawless and smooth texture of every cowhide sold at cloud 9 rugs [NZ] will suit pretty much all decors. They go under tanning method which ensures the hide is soft and less susceptible to smell and molting. This process also strengthens cowhides bonding and ensures the hide will last longer. It is then dried naturally to retain its original beauty and glamour.

There are two main types of cowhides in the market, the ones mentioned above which goes through the process and dried naturally and others which are chemically treated and dried in factories, they are the ones which are defected or torn in the life of animals which are then repaired to sell. Cloud 9 Rugs has a strict policy around the production of cowhides production. We do not encourage animal killing for cowhides. We make sure we are been supplied animal skins which ethically sourced. Animals having their natural death and then the hide is taken off and put in use for a better purpose rather than get buried.

Cloud 9 Rugs specifically hand picks every cowhide to ensure there are no defects in their hides. All our hides are uniquely photographed as no 2 hides are same. We love to offer our customers things what they actually see. Other big names in the industry usually sends close variants to their customers on the assumption based on their purchases. We only send our customers hides which they actually bought and paid for. Our products are ethically sourced from companies which follow stringent quality check processes ensuring that animals are not brutally killed for their skin. Our suppliers have strict standards and policies to check whether the skin was damaged before the process, which makes us confident to sell it to our customers with a 5 years warranty, and 14 days money back guarantee.