Cowhides Brown White

There are some simple techniques you should try while buying Brown and white Cowhides
Starting from the measurements to style, colour and price.

  1. The first step to select a hide is to measure the size of the area you wish to put your hide in. Starting from the actual area, the furniture to be placed on top if there is any like a coffee table or a foot stool. If there is any furniture placed on top, select the hide whose design is visible after the coffee table is placed.
    1. Medium Cowhide [Sold Out]
    2. Large Cowhide is around : Top to bottom: 2200 mm  and left to right [legs]: 1870 mm
    3. Extra Large Cowhide is approx: Top to bottom: 2070 mm and left to right [legs]: 1720 mm
  2. The second important thing is its design, colours you like and what you think will go with your interior décor. Cowhides Brown White are our best sellers but it is not necessary it has to suit your decor. Browns and Beige coloured hides, also compliment majority of the interiors. Dark coffee exotic brown is one good option to choose from. We have created separate colour sections in the cowhide drop down menu.
  3. There are 2 types of cowhides in the market, 1 with short hair and second a bit longer and curly. There are not many long hair hides in the market as they can would require a bit more cleaning. At times this is not important to many and it is OK to like both. Cowhides Brown White is the short hair, easy clean cowhide
  4. The last but not the least important thing to consider is the price. Cheap synthetic haired hides are sold widely in the market, which we would not advise buying. You will easily make out from its feel, it does not feel natural. Cowhides brown white are fairly priced as we select our hides from ethically sourced suppliers who are vigilant and strict of their standards.

Brown & white Cowhides nz