What Is The Best Way To Clean A  White Shaggy Rug?

The rug with some longer piles which looks shaggy. A beautiful white shaggy rug could give any room look more beautiful and warm feeling.

If you’re wondering how to clean shaggy rug fibers at home, don’t worry, Cloud9 Rugs has some tips that help you take great care. 

5 Ways To Keep Your White Shaggy Rugs Looking New

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Slowly vacuum your shaggy rug with an attachment, row by row. You can also 

turn your rug over and vacuum the back to knock the dirt laying in the shag 


It might be helpful to shake your rug out before vacuuming to get a fuller clean.

2. Shake It or Smack It

Take your rug outside and shake it. Hang it upside-down or over the clothes line 

and beat it with a broom or a mop handle.

Some recommend leaving the rug outside in the sun for a few hours to kill any 

lingering bacteria, but keep in mind the sun's UV rays can damage the color 

of your shaggy rug if it sits out for a prolonged period of time!

3. Shampoo

This one is a little risky to DIY, but you can use a dry carpet shampoo, which 

usually comes in powder form, to clean your shaggy rugs. Powder being 

sprinkled into shaggy rug is like sand going into long hair--it takes forever to

get the last grain out!

Shampooing is not recommended to clean any type of shaggy rug

although it still does break the dirt loose from the fiber strands when vacuumed 

on the back.

4. Spot Clean Shag Rugs

Spot cleaning shag rugs is a great method for when the kids spill their juice

boxes or the glass of wine pours onto the shaggy rug.

5. Bring it to the expert rug cleaner

If you want to get a deeper clean than the tips listed or avoid DIY techniques,

bring it to the people who clean shaggy rugs for a living!

A new white shaggy rug is a great addition to your home, but there are a few 

cleaning tips you should take to protect your rug.