Top 6 Tips to Choose The Right Rug

A rug will add excitement to a room, you might say a rug can complete a room by linking the other pieces in your room togetherA rug will define a room, add warmth of course, and enhance the a room’s decor.

There are many ways to choose a right rug for the room, but we have chosen the 

top 6.

Use rugs to define your lifestyle

Use a rug to define your rooms. 

No matter living areas, dining areas, bedrooms or

even hall ways, use rugs to create variety. 

The varieties can be brought by different sizes of rugs

or different styles, two rugs in a room can

virtually divide the room into 2 separate spaces.

Use rugs to create harmony

When you have multiple rugs in your home, 

it’s better that rugs complement each other in 

colours and styles. Rugs with busy designs in a room 

may take away sense of balance and harmony.

Get Ideas for a Color Scheme

It’s a good idea to buy a rug after you purchase your furniture. 

As rug colours play an important factor in your room, 

you only want the rug colour to accent or link with your 

existing colours.

Create a Focal Point

As a rug will bring massive colour 

into your room, it will be a good idea 

to paint a contrast colour of your wall.

Play Around With Shapes

99% rugs sold are in rectangle shape. 

However, a round or oval shape of rug may be worth a try, 

as long as it’s compliments your room and furniture.

Make Sure to Get the Right Size

Rule of thumb, a 2.3x1.6m rug will fit a three seaters 

couch, a 2x1.4m will fit a two seaters couch. 

However, if you want to leave no space between your rug 

and your couch, you can let your couch sit on top of 

partial rugs, a 2x2.8 or 2.5x3.5m will certainly work out.

Also the same concepts will apply if you want to leave a 

part of your rug underneath of your bed. However, you 

should leave about 15 cm space between your rug and 

your wall.