Jute Rugs – What Do You Know About Them?

Jute is a natural, coarse, plant-fiber like burlap and is found in Asia. Jute rugs have a natural tan color, they can easily be dyed just about any other shade and in any other pattern. The main reason most people buy a jute rug is because of it's features, it’s softer than sisal, and if you like to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, you will like jute rug. 

Now, let’s style your jute rug. There are several ways to decorate with the 

natural jute fiber. If you like to have a big jute rug, put it under your bed in the 

bedroom or under the sofa/chair and table in the living room, or even in

the dining room. Add a natural jute rug to your home to create a little vacation 


Forget the boring carpet or a door mat, why don’t you try a smaller sized  jute rug or jute mat or a round jute rug? If you have a small living room, then style a small jute rug with your wooden furniture to make your room look bigger. A round jute rug  is designed to be more of a focal point than just a

floor covering, and a round dining table always looks great with a durable jute 

rug underneath.  Also, you can replace the dull door mate with the jute mat to 

welcome your guests.

A jute rug stays popular and on trend for years because it’s durable, easy to

maintain and suits with many interior styles. For any spills or accidents on the

jute rugs, I would recommend cleaning and drying immediately as the jute is a 

natural fibers and if left wet may cause the fibers to rot.

Having one jute rug at home will create a fresh new look and add unique style 

to any room.