Belgium Rugs : by Cloud 9 Rugs

Designed and made in Belgium. For almost 10 years we are selling rugs in New Zealand. We have mastered the right rug from around the world and bring the best for our kiwi clients. Specially we import Belgium rugs from Belgium only, as there are a lot different sources available in the market for Belgium rugs. Like if you search Belgium rugs in eBay, you would get more suppliers from China and India for Belgium rugs compare to that of from Belgium.

The suppliers from the bigger market has tweeked the name of Belgium made rugs to a style rather than the actual make. Like: a unique style of rug would be called a Belgium rug and not actually a rug made in Belgium. The rugs made n Belgium has a unique style to it, off coarse. That style has made the world talking about their rugs, and secondly Belgian craftsman put in a lot of hand work in their rugs, which literary made the style stand out. The handmade Belgian rugs are very expensive in real world, as there are not many craftsman producing it. Majority of the rugs made in Belgian are machine made in Belgium, which are also contemporary, elegant, stylish and tough.